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      中國日報網 2019-08-02 14:06






      1. It's obviously not me that's clinging to something here. 念念不忘的人顯然不是我。

      2. What's the big deal? 有什么關系?

      3. I just lost track of time. 我就是忘記時間了。

      4. Zariki is in hot pursuit. 扎里基緊追不舍。

      5. You've been given a chance to start over, with a clean slate. 你得到一個從頭再來的機會,一個新的人生。

      6. Just watch my back. 你來掩護我吧。

      7. Personally, I'd rather rule in hell than serve in heaven. 就個人而言,我是寧可做雞頭,也不想做鳳尾。

      8. Thank you for coming on such short notice. 感謝各位能前來救急。

      9. I'm out. For good. 我退出,永遠。

      10. She thinks she can punk me, huh? 她以為可以瞧不起我?

      11. Go easy on me, guys. 下手別太狠,伙計們。



      Hugo: Hey.

      Alita: Where are you? The tryout's about to start.

      Hugo: I'm on my way. There's something I've gotta do first.

      Alita: I'm doing this for us, remember? You can't miss it.

      Hugo: I won't. Trust me.

      Victim: Please, just stop. I didn't do anything to you.

      Tanji: It's just business. Nothing personal.

      Hugo: Tanji, stop!

      Tanji: Using my name? Man, what's wrong with you?

      Hugo: I can't do this anymore.

      Tanji: What's the matter? You're already gone half the time. Now you show up with this line of crap! It's the little hardbody, isn't it?

      Hugo: Listen, it's over. Do you understand? I'm out. And if you had any brains, you'd leave this behind, too. I'm out. For good.

      Tanji: You should've jacked that bitch when you had the chance. Would've been on your way to Zalem right now.

      Zapan: Well, very professional.

      Tanji: Hey, man, we don't want any trouble. If this is your mark, we're sorry. He's all yours.

      Zapan: Hugo. Jacking cyborgs. Your little girlfriend might take that kind of personally, don't you think? Hmm? But you know girls. She'll probably get all weepy and forgive you...when I show her your head.

      Hugo: There's no marker out on me.

      Zapan: There will be. Murder pulls a tight little bounty...even with gutter trash like you.

      Hugo: I never killed anyone.

      Zapan: You just did. She thinks she can punk me, huh?

      Tanji: Hugo, run!

      Host: Next up is Second League tryouts. Will the Factory practice team report to the line? The winner tonight will make it one step closer to qualifying for the Champions League. Well, that is one tough lineup. This is gonna be one heck of a match tonight.

      Ido: That's no Factory team.

      Gerhad: What?

      Ido: These two punks in the back...there are bounty markers on them. And the other guys, they are Hunter-Warriors.

      Host: And here comes tonight's one new prospect. Okay, then, folks, give it up for Alita!

      Vector: Hugo brought her right to us.

      Chiren: What'd you promise him?

      Vector: Hmm. I'm sending him to Zalem, of course.

      Ido: Alita! Alita!

      Alita: Hey.

      Host: Since there is only one new prospect...

      Alita: What's up?

      Host: ...there will be no teams. The name of the game is Cut-throat.

      Alita: Go easy on me, guys.

      Player1: Sure, kid. No worries.

      Ido: Alita!

      Alita: What are you doing?

      Ido: It's a setup. You gotta get outta there. They're gonna kill you!

      Alita: Which ones?

      Ido: All of them!

      Host: Players, 10-second warning. Five seconds... The new kid, Alita, takes possession right off the snap. A slow Tuesday night just got hotter than the playoffs. Looks like the fans have themselves an underdog darling with the face of an angel and a body built for battle. Maybe a little Motorball will break out in the middle of this fight.

      Player2: Oh, crap.

      Host: Oh! Looks like it's "No rules Tuesday" out there, folks. Ouch! You know that hurts! Stinger's got Alita in a lot of trouble. She must've said something in the locker room that these guys did not like. Number 99... Alita!

      Hugo: Ali, it's me. I've got a big problem.

      Alita: Hugo, this is not a good time.

      Hugo: He's trying to kill me.

      Alita: Who's trying to kill you?

      Hugo: Zapan, the Hunter-Warrior. He killed Tanji.

      Alita: What do you mean?

      Hugo: Now, he's coming for me.

      Host: Not sure our Battle Angel can get out of this one.

      Hugo: Oh, shit. Here he comes!

      Alita: Where are you?

      Hugo: I'm headed to the old church.

      Alita: Okay. I'm coming.

      Host: I can't believe it! Incredible! I've never seen anything like this.


      (中國日報網英語點津  陳丹妮)